PTI Butyl Rubber Caulk

PTI 707 does not harden or lose flexibility, adhesion, or elongation after prolonged exposure to high or low temperatures and ultraviolet light. Joint movement of up to ± 12 % will not affect the water-tightness of PTI 707. Recommended for glazing of glass, heel and toe beading, and complete channel bedding. Also recommended for use in metal-to-metal panel seals, perimeter seal around doors, windows and masonry intersections, bedding for mullions, framed openings and coping areas, curtainwall sealants, end dams and splice joints. PTI 707 has excellent adhesion to wood, metal, glass, concrete, and masonry surfaces.



Technical Data
Meets Federal Specifications TT-S-001657, ASTM C-1085, AAMA 808.3 and Canadian Specification 19GPN.
PT1707BL PT1707BRZ PT1707GRY PT1707W

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